Fanstast Story

There are few people who can turn imagination into reality. One of those few was Bogdan Dunđerski member of the richest family in Vojvodina by the end of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. On his estate, which stretched to over 2600 acres of land, he has built in the middle of the plain, the castle of the imagination.

Today there is a Hotel "Fantast", owned by the company "PIK-BEČEJ" A.D.

The castle complex covers about 65 hectares and includes, in addition to the castle and the horse farm, a chapel where Bogdan Dunđerski is buried, a small castle, a park with a lake. There are five double rooms and two suites in the castle and five double rooms in the annex.

In the castle itself there are two banquet rooms; the bigger one with 70 seats and the smaller one with 30 seats, the ceremonial salon with period furniture, as well as Bogdans salon with old furniture.

In the basement of the castle there is a restaurant with two halls with 80 seats and a kitchen. The restaurant menu is rich in variety, but the Vojvodina cuisine is prevalent.

Fantast pancakes, steak and fantast strudel with poppy seeds should definitely be tried, and regarded wines we recommend two pearls of the Pearl Island: the famous Krokan and Tisa Pearl (Tiska perla).

The chapel was built at the same time as the castle, in the early twenties of the last century in the neo-Byzantine style. The iconostasis was painted by Uros Predic , a very good friend of Bogdan Dunđerski.

Horse Farm

The horse farm is located along the entire length of the complex.

In this area there are four stables and several auxiliary buildings and a paddock and a track for training gallopers.

In the stables, guests can see the famous heads like Honored Guest, Trinidad and Soaring Falcon.

With the assistance of an experienced instructor-trainer it is possible ride, to take a carriage rides and in winter sleigh rides in the beautiful surroundings of the snow covered plain.

A park is surrounding the castle, the chapel and the small castle from all sides and is a mixture of English and French-style parks. In the park there are trails for walking. The central part occupies a pool which was in use at the time of Bogdan Dunđerski. The park also has other facilities; equipped children's playground and two tennis courts.

The whole complex of the castle can be visited with an expert guide.

The castle complex itself is located in the area of the hunting grounds of the Hunting Club Bečej. The terrain of the hunting area abounds in small game (pheasants, hares, partridges) and big game (deer and elk).

Besides hunting it is possible to organize fishing at the nearby "Fishpond" which is also owned by "PIK-BEČEJ" ad where there is a restaurant with fish specialties.

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The castle is located 14 km away from Bečej on the way to Bačka Topola. The distance from Novi Sad is 60 km, 70 km from Subotica, 80 km from Sombor, 65 km from Zrenjanin and 135 km from Belgrade.

The complex of the castle is an original blend of art, traditions, culture on one hand and the modern tourist business on the other.

Bačkotopolski put b.b.,
21220 Bečej, Srbija