Pig Farming

Work Unit Pig Farming

The production within pig farming, besides having an extremely good team and skilled workforce, is based on the extraordinary genetic potential of the herds as a result of many years of selection work.

This production both in terms of volume and quality is leading in our country and is carried out at seven locations. Every day we have 62,000 heads of all categories of pigs. We have 5,000 breeding sows with high genetic potential.

On our farm around 98,000 pigs are produced annually, of an average body weight of 95 kg, with a percentage of meat over 57% in carcasses. We have the centralized production of gilts where 8500 gilts are tested for reproduction annually, as well as the test station with tested 650 boars. Also as a part of the working unit, we have a modern equipped center for artificial insemination of breeding pigs with a capacity of 56 boars, where the preassembled dose of sperm for insemination of the own herd is produced.

Farmers can be offered high quality breeding gilts and sows, as well as tested gilts ready for reproduction of the breeds of Landrace, Big Yorkshire, Duroc and F1 heads (NLxLW). Also on offer are high quality-tested breeding boars of Duroc, Landrace, Big Yorkshire and synthetic boars (PxD). An additional registration of sales activities standardized doses of boar sperm of boras of the same race or of combinations is planned. In addition to the offer of breeding material supply, to producers, i.e. customers of our genetics professional consulting is available.