Work Unit Husbandry

Our natural and technological resources enable the production carried out at about 9,000 hectares of which 4,000 hectares are under modern and classic irrigation systems.
The entire production from the selection of cultivars and sowing to harvesting and completion of the processing is performed under the supervision of experts according to prescribed procedures, and in accordance with the requirements of the quality system, where cutting-edge production technology and reliable control methods are applied.

We produce about 200,000 tons of various agricultural products. In the center of seed processing, along with the use of modern technology more than 20,000 tons of top quality seeds are finished per year.

The mechanization in agriculture is the main factor accelerating the development of quality and quantity of production; therefore we have introduced the technology of large capacity machinery of the last generation.

A silo of a capacity of 44,000 tons meets all the requirements in terms of preserving and drying grain goods. Automatic feed mixers annually produce over 31,000 tons of various feed mixtures and 400 tons of premixes for own livestock production.